About Us

Life is best experienced when it’s fully charged.

Our mission – power expert around you: to keep you always powered and focused on archievement everywhere and every day.

Founded in 2010, KFD Ltd is an established leading company in its field. The challenging, creative and stylish features of KFD  Products offer an exciting user experience.KFD creates world-class-quality products with remarkable safety and deliver solutions for the home, the workplace, and a mobile lifestyle.

KFD Ltd gives the customers a wide selection of choices, afull range of 5-72V AC/DC adapters:Power Supply

for telecommunications equipments, for smart home devices, for Printers, for Scanners, for POS , for netbook/ultrabook/ laptop, for universal laptop , car chargers, tablet charger, USB wall charger etc.

With our manufacturing plants located in Shenzhen ( Chinese hightech megacity), we cover the entire production scope beginning with the in-house R&D, including the final assembling.  We aim to provide precision engineering, efficient production, meticulous quality control, accurate operational support, global logistic and service  support.

The goal of the company is to not only create a high-end brand KFD in the retail market but also to offer OEM and ODM services for industrial and business applications. With an elite R&D team and advanced technical experience we are able to achieve a good standing within the industry.

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  • Smart Home Power Solution

  • USB Type C Charger

  • Ac/Dc Power Supply

  • Universal PD DC Charger

  • Mini-ITX Power solution

  • Gaming Laptop Charger

  • Universal Ac Adapter

  • Slim Laptop Adapter

  • Printer ac adapter