About Us

We are a small and medium enterprise, established in rapidly developping the area of power adapters. 

We will expand on a global scale operation. We are committed to through cooperation, merger and varietied ways to form  strategic alliance with any possible enterprises. At the aspects of pursuiting key value to foster the core-competitiveness of enterprise. 

Customers' oriented is the basic requirement for our future development. As a supplier and servicer of power adapter, we will spare no effort to provides value-added differentiated services to customers.

we must pursuit super-conventional development, and sustainable growth. We are bent on becoming prominent enterprise.

We advocate innovation and revolutional spirit of entrepreneurs.

Company colleagues are our most precious treasure. They will grow together with the enterprise.

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  • Ultrabook Charger

  • Tablet Pc Charger

  • Laptop Adapter

  • 5V-32V Power Adapter

  • Universal Ac Adapter

  • Printer ac adapter

  • Laptop Batteries

  • Laptop Car Charger

  • Led adapter


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